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Franchise Proposal from Techkidz for Hitech Superstore for Kids (High Profile)

Terms- Franchise Fee - 1 Lakh

Agreement Period - 5 Years

Minimum Stock - 2 lakhs

Min. Investment - 2 lakhs

Desirable Location - Malls/main markets of the city

Complete Introduction and Franchise Plan

Techkidz is a brand name launched by Comp-Point Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd. an ISO 9001 Certificate company engaged in the tech-field of kids. Techkidz is a chain of tech-retail stores for smart kids(2-18 yrs.) spread all over India.

'Techkidz' offers two kinds of segments for the investors, namely -

  1. Retail Segment

  2. Education segment

If you invest for either of the two segments or both, franchise fee stands at Rs.1 Lac. It is at your absolute will whether you want to go in for retail or education segment or both.

For 'Retail segment' there are 3 categories. You can work :

  • As a distributor

  • As a franchisee

  • As a master franchisee
  1. As a distributor: You can have an outlet of yours & can sell the tech-products to the small dealers/retailers in the city. Distributor fee-Rs 50,000/-(Rupees Fifty Thousand only) (one time-non-refundable), minimum agreement period 5 years.

  2. As a franchisee: You can work as a distributor and can concentrate on the school retail segment also. Company will give additional margines in the school products & services like in computer books, setting up of various tech-labs in schools. Fr. fee - Rs.1 Lac (Rupees one Lac only) (one time-non-refundable) minimum agreement period 5 years.

  3. As a master Franchisee: You can appoint franchisees in a state. Margin from the franchisee fee will be shared between you & the franchisor. Master Fr. Fee. 3 Lac (Rupees Three lac) (one time-non-refundable) minimum agreement period 5 years.

For 'Education segment' the details are given below:-

  1. Robotics is the Future

    1. Techkidz has come up with a novel course on "Robotics" which is meant for age group 5 -18 yrs.

    2. Company provides Robotic Kits, Kidz-tools, Robots, Application software, Robotics - accessories, Electronic kits, Electromechanical kits & magnetic kits. You don't require any particular degree or specialized course in this course.

    3. The franchisor imparts sufficient training to the franchisee at its premises.

    4. The Kids will be given hands on training-on the robotic modules.

    5. On an average, the fee amounts to Rs 750/- to Rs1,000/- per month for 2 classes a week for 1 hour.

    6. The course duration varies from 3 months to 12 months.

    7. The franchisor doesn't charge any royalty from the franchisee.

  2. English Speaking software will make the kids more fluent in 'English Speaking'.

  3. With Mathematics software, the kids are bound to become maths Wizards.

  4. Animated Science software will make the children budding Scientists.